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Heyyyyyyyy we are TOYGEM, TOYGEM was founded in the beginning of 2020 by Macus & Shaw .

MACUS – I was born and raised in a traditional-tile-making family at the village of ceramics in Bien Hoa- Dong Nai. Well associated with handicraft since childhood, and through lots of studying, i’ve developed a huge passion for creating my own artworks .

SHAW – like any other child, my childhood can not be without cartoons that stay a part of me even until now. Creating cartoon characters is like a spirital dose which give meaning to my life more than anything else. Not satisfying with 2D sketches, I’m lucky to have met Macus – who has the same passion as myself . That’s when TOYGEM was born , all start with MURO (Character/ figure designed & created by TOYGEM).

Cooked by TOY GEM