Tidu Workshop

Tidu Workshop was established in 2011 by Ti Du (Nguyễn Tiểu Dung for real name) and has officially become Tidu Co. Ltd since 2016. However, the founder – Ti Du – wanted to keep the old name Tidu Workshop instead because it’s familiar with people and easier to remember.
When Ti Du was a student of HCMC Architecture University with specialized knowledge of Industrial Design, she had a chance to know about clay and started to study more about it. To make simple toys or art toys that were welcomed by people is not only a process of studying but Tidu also tried her best to seek for people who have the same passion like her – to gather a team to help her.
Although Tidu Workshop or “ Xưởng “ ( the familiar name we often use instead of Tidu Workshop) is still a small team now, each member has his/her own strength working together to create a solid group.

Website: https://www.tidustudio.com/